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Car rental Šibenik Croatia

Car rental Sibenik CroatiaŠibenik is one of the oldest cities in Croatia, cultural and political center of Šibenik region with 46 000 people. First evidence of Šibenik leads to 1066. year in documents of king Petar Krešimir. Since 1960 Šibenik is host of International children festival (2 weeks) and it is the biggest cultural event that gathers dancing, acting, painting and other activities.

If you are coming to Šibenik you might consider visiting natural beauties very close to Šibenik like National Park Krka and National Park Plitvice lakes (30 minutes from Krka, 1 hour from Plitvice). Also if you just want to stay in Šibenik, don’t worry, it’s beauties will keep you ocupied.

Some of the must visit places in Šibenik are: st. Jakov catedral, city hall, royal palace, Šibenik theatre, bishop palace, st. Frane church, etc.

Car rental in Šibenik

Trustee car rental offers car rental in Šibenik with few pickup locations. If you are coming to Šibenik you should take rental car to experience everything that Croatia can provide to you. Check out our car rental Šibenik quotes and if you have any questions feel free to check out our Support center or contact us.

Car rental Croatia

Looking for cheapest and the best way to explore adriatic jewel known as Croatia you came to the right place. Here you can find best possible car rental deals in Croatia and compare all car hire companies. In our offer we include all car rental companies so you can compare prices and choose most suitable company and car for your trip.

Car rental Montenegro

Exploring one of the youngest countries in Europe? Renting a car is perfect way to explore all beauties of Montenegro and other countries in surrounding (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia). We collected all the best car rental Montenegro offers for you so you can easly book online!

Car rental Austria

Traveling to Austria? Austria is European historical jewerly box since Austro-Hungarian Empire. With all cultural remains Austria is definetly cultural center of Europe. Because of that Austria has great both, summer and winter tourism.

Hot destinations

Car rental Dubrovnik Croatia


Dubrovnik is definitely the most beautiful city in Croatia. It was built by independent Dubrovnik republic witch was very rich country. City center is surrounded by old city walls witch are very well maintained in original state.

Car rental Split Croatia


Split is 1700 years old city built by Roman impurer Diocletian. Diocletian built ancient old center and palace witch is top tourist destination in Split Croatia.

Car rental Makarska Croatia


Makarska is medium sized coastal city in Croatia located north from city Split. It is located on the bottom of mountain Biokovo.

Car rental Salzburg Austria


Salzburg Austria is forth largest city in Austria and capital of same called federal state. Old town Salzburg is well know for it’s baroque architecture and one of the best examples of baroque in Austria (best maintained).

Car rental Budva Montenegro


Budva is city in Montenegro located on it’s shore. It is considered to be one of the oldest towns on Adriatic Sea and it’s must visit place in Montenegro. Budva was built in 5th century before Christ and it has around 11 000 people living there.

Car rental Zagreb Croatia


Zagreb is capital city of Croatia with over than million people living there. It is political, cultural and business center of Croatia. Zagreb was acctually split on 2 cities that were on two hills and they were called Kaptol and Gradec.